Comparing Filter Media

So you’re thinking about changing your filter media but want to test The Accordion first.  Great!  Let’s go over the variables that could impact your results.

Eliminate as many variables as possible when comparing filter media for performance and filter life. Variables will influence the results and skew the comparison. Ideally, run the trial in one booth with the same coating, gun and applicator on the same parts and for the same length of time.

Factors to consider when running a trial to compare filter life:

  1. Are you comparing media in the same booth? If not, is the velocity the same?
  2. Are you using the same coating with the same application method? Be aware that transfer efficiency impacts the amount of overspray generated. The spray tip and atomization is an essential factor to consider.
  3. Is the same person running the trial? Over triggering the spray pattern can result in additional overspray.
  4. Are you spraying similar parts? Spraying small parts typically results in more overspray than large parts.
  5. Are you spraying with the same frequency and for the same length of time? An increase in spray frequency is often overlooked when comparing filter life, especially when not running a formal trial.
  6. What is the efficiency of the media to be compared? A high efficiency filter will capture more particulates and load faster than a less efficient filter.
  7. Are you running the test for the same period of time? When you stop the test is equally important in comparing filter media. When comparing holding capacity, ensure the test is run for the same period of time.
  8. Do you have to double the filter to achieve an acceptable level of efficiency? Cost, storage and shipping are final factors to consider when comparing filter media.

These are some of the most important factors to consider when comparing filter media. Eliminate as many variables as possible and take into consideration those factors that cannot be removed from the equation.

Note:  never mix different filters in the same booth to compare them. Air and particulates will move through the path of least resistance (clean and less efficient filters) and will result in a distorted comparison.</font size>

Filter Media Trials

Variables that Impact Results