Installation Instructions

*The slides depict a booth that was converted from fiberglass to an accordion filter (note the wire mesh anterior support).  The accordion 8-prong support just slipped into the frame in front of the wire mesh – no need to make any adjustments to the existing structure.

The Accordion is easy to install.  Pad size cell openings must be equipped with an accordion filter support.  The 8-prong frame support consists of 4 straight tines and 4 bent tines.  Simply hold the support with bent tines facing you and slip the straight tines behind the frame. Tuck each end pleat behind the bent tines.  Done.  No tools.  No need to remove existing media supports.  Easy in.  Easy out.

gel coat spray booth model fs149

Install The Accordion in channel frames much the same way.  What is the length of your exhaust opening?  Count the number of red marks (1 mark/foot = 8 pleats/foot) and cut the filter by sliding a knife under the top pleat.  Set the filter into the channel frame and tuck the last pleat behind the end clips on either side of the frame.

Optimum accordion stretch is 8 pleats per foot (26 pleats per meter).  Over-stretching reduces the pocket depth and potentially shortens the life of the filter.  Under-stretching can limit airflow and reduce capture area.  Always cut the filter to the proper length and ensure that both end pleats are securely tucked behind the support clips.

Installation Instructions

The Accordion Baffle & Supports