How The Accordion Works

The Accordion paint baffle captures exhausted liquid particulates by way of impaction through inertial separation.  As air flows through the baffle, an abrupt change in airflow flings the particulates out of the air stream and deposits them in the pockets.  Particles that escape the initial impact are again propelled to the back of the baffle and through the force of inertia, impact on the back wall.

Inertial Separation

Particulates collect on the back walls, outside of the airflow.  This unobstructed flow creates uniform airflow across the entire exhaust wall.  As the pocket fills, arrestance efficiency improves.  

The air velocity begins to increase causing particulates to be captured at a greater rate of speed.  The Accordion Poly-Back Baffle can capture over 99% of the particulates* in an air stream.

*challenged with high solids bake enamel per 40CFR63HHHHHH